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  • The Southern Alps

    Our last view of the Southern Alps, en route from Dunedin to Auckland.

  • Milford Sound

    Quite possibly New Zealand’s most famous destination, Milford Sound (actually a Fiord, not a Sound, as you are often told) is located in the Fiordland National Park in the South Western corner of the South Island.

  • Blosxom plugin: altlinks

    This is a trivial plugin I wrote to scratch a bit of an itch. It had always slightly annoyed me that while blosxom itself was designed to use the filesystem hierarchy as its structure and allowed you to view pages based on their position in the hierarchy, there was no simple method to include alternate <link>s to syndication feeds or alternative flavours that mirrored a visitor’s position. Hence altlinks.

  • Queenstown and Te Anau

    From Lake Tekapo we backtracked south through the Mackenzie Basin, over the Lindis Pass and then on to Queenstown on the shores on Lake Wakatipu. This is one of New Zealand’s most famous resort towns and as a major base for adventure sports, sight-seeing and winter sports it’s popular both in the summer and winter and almost permanently busy. The approaching roads are clogged with coaches, crowds of people stop only for a few hours and an awful lot of construction lends the place the half-finished air that many expanding resorts seem to have. Consequently, Queenstown isn’t as beautiful as the stunning mountain-lined lake that forms its backdrop.

  • Over the Lindis Pass to Lake Tekapo

    Our initial plan had been to head to Mount Cook from Wanaka - we’d had such bad luck with the weather in Franz Josef we thought we might try the mountains once more. As it happened, all the accommodation within our price range was booked, so we decided to visit Lake Tekapo instead.