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  • Basic version control with wikieditish

    At the St Werburghs Community Centre, we use Blosxom to power our website. As the other staff needed to be able to update and add content quickly and with the minimum of fuss, I combined the wikieditish plugin with TinyMCE and a couple of other scripts to create a simple rich-text web interface to the site.

  • Blosxom and application/xhtml+xml

    Since this website is written to the XHTML 1.0 Strict Doctype, I thought it would be nice to serve it with the correct MIME type to conforming user-agents. I remembered hearing about a plugin called xhtml that would do this, but after a cursory search came up with nothing I decided that I’d just write my own.

  • Auto escaping HTML in RSS with blosxom

    Out of the box, blosxom comes with simple HTML and RSS formats built in. In order to get the RSS 0.91 feed set-up correctly, blosxom escapes HTML tags during the story generation phase where is finds an XML content-type (specifically: $content_type =~ m{\Wxml$}).

  • Stanton Drew

    After the rain and wind yesterday we were glad to awake this morning to clear blue skies and sunshine. Just right for another trip into the countryside and - you guessed it - more photos!

  • NO2ID Petition

    NO2ID, an umbrella organisation campaigning against the government’s proposed ID card and National Identity Register scheme, are running an online petition (link removed, dead and redirecting to spam domain) which I encourage you to sign. The closing date is the 19th November, so don’t delay!