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  • Stanton Drew

    After the rain and wind yesterday we were glad to awake this morning to clear blue skies and sunshine. Just right for another trip into the countryside and - you guessed it - more photos!

  • NO2ID Petition

    NO2ID, an umbrella organisation campaigning against the government’s proposed ID card and National Identity Register scheme, are running an online petition (link removed, dead and redirecting to spam domain) which I encourage you to sign. The closing date is the 19th November, so don’t delay!

  • Universal Healthcare

    Over the last week, the BBC have been making a great deal (press releases: 1, 2, 3, 4) of the results of a poll they comissioned from ICM, the Healthy Britain survey.

  • Kidnapped cows and stolen screams

    It’s been a bad week for art lovers in Scandinavia. Last week, a gang of “Militant Graffiti Artists” in Sweden stole a fibreglass cow from the international CowParade exhibition and threatened to sacrifice it unless the cows were declared “non-art”. According to Reuters (link removed, long dead), the organisers of the Stockholm exhibition have until noon today to meet their demands… Sadly, it seems they didn’t capitulate.

  • Status Syndrome

    Is the name of a new book by Professor Michael Marmot. There’s been a bit of coverage in the media generally (online sources include New Scientist News, the BBC, and the Guardian). I haven’t actually read the book yet, but I’m interested as I worked in Professor Marmot’s department at UCL on the Whitehall II Study and am familiar with many of his ideas and the research that lies behind them.