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  • Universal Healthcare

    Over the last week, the BBC have been making a great deal (press releases: 1, 2, 3, 4) of the results of a poll they comissioned from ICM, the Healthy Britain survey (no direct link to results, at time of writing it hasn’t appeared on the ICM Latest Polls list).

  • Kidnapped cows and stolen screams

    It’s been a bad week for art lovers in Scandinavia. Last week, a gang of “Militant Graffiti Artists” in Sweden stole a fibreglass cow from the international CowParade exhibition and threatened to sacrifice it unless the cows were declared “non-art”. According to Reuters, the organisers of the Stockholm exhibition have until noon today to meet their demands… (also seen at Lycos news).

  • Status Syndrome

    Is the name of a new book by Professor Michael Marmot. There’s been a bit of coverage in the media generally (online sources include New Scientist News, the BBC, and the Guardian). I haven’t actually read the book yet, but I’m interested as I worked in Professor Marmot’s department at UCL on the Whitehall II Study and am familiar with many of his ideas and the research that lies behind them.

  • TheyWorkForYou

    TheyWorkForYou.com is a new website which aims to provide an easy, user-friendly way for British citizens to keep track of what their elected representatives are up to. It’s been put together by the same people who brought us websites like FaxYourMP.com, which I’ve found useful myself in the past. Here’s what they have to say about the new project:

  • The Coromandel

    Having flown back up to Auckland, we spent the last week or so visiting a couple of places in the north that we’d missed at the start of our trip. First we took the bus over to the Coromandel peninsula, a popular holiday destination among the Kiwis.