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  • Visiting Glorantha

    One good thing to come out of the lockdown - I’ve started up an RPG game for the first time in years. A year or two back there was a new edition of RuneQuest, probably my favourite game, and I’ve been picking up the books as they’ve emerged. I made a vague effort to find some players last autumn to no avail, but now have three people willing to gamble on my extremely rusty GMing skills.

  • Comments

    I’ve added the ability to comment on the site using staticman.

  • Resetting the TPM module on an Acer Chromebook

    A short while ago, we bought each of our daughters an Acer Chromebook C514 so that they could do their schoolwork remotely during the lockdown. These were reasonably priced and had good reviews from what I could see. They’ve been working fine for the last month or two since we received them.

  • Sanitation Protocol

    Three weeks into lockdown. We’re more fortunate than most, we have enough room in the house to keep to ourselves if we need to and a garden with a view. Both my wife and I are working from home and our employers seem secure for the immediate future, although who knows in the longer term. The kids are being set work each day (including, to their disgust, over what would have been the Easter break) and are old enough to get on with it with minimal supervision. I’m conscious the whole time that many are in a far worse situation and my thoughts are with them.

  • Agency

    I first read William Gibson as a teenager in the late 1980s. My father was a librarian and often brought me home books he thought I’d like. One of these was a yellow-jacketed Gollancz hard cover of Neuromancer. The book had a profound influence on me, and I still have a copy that was later withdrawn from the library in my collection (the 1985 second impression).