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  • Dry January

    I’m going to do Dry January this next year. Over the past months (years, now 😭) of the Covid pandemic I’ve slipped into bad habits and have, at times, been drinking more than I’m comfortable with.

  • Distantly Socialised

    I walk into the city alone. It feels strange. It’s still pretty quiet, but there are more people around than there were a few weeks ago. Loudspeakers boom out recorded warnings to maintain social distancing. Here and there tape and paint mark the pavements at two-metre intervals. Confusing one-way systems are inconsistently enforced by masked security guards.

  • Fall, or Dodge in Hell

    This is a sequel of sorts to REAMDE and ties both books into the shared world of Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle. I thought it handled this pretty well, particularly in the handling of a mysterious recurring character, but I’m aware opinions on this may be divided.

  • Visiting Glorantha

    One good thing to come out of the lockdown - I’ve started up an RPG game for the first time in years. A year or two back there was a new edition of RuneQuest, probably my favourite game, and I’ve been picking up the books as they’ve emerged. I made a vague effort to find some players last autumn to no avail, but now have three people willing to gamble on my extremely rusty GMing skills.

  • Comments

    I’ve added the ability to comment on the site using staticman.