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  • unwired

    I thought it might be useful to post a few notes on the process of getting connected to the CafeNET WLAN here in Wellington. It will help me in absorbing everything that I have read about and might prove useful to someone else one day. Be warned, this is a fairly technical post!

  • Wifi Wellington

    Turns out that Wellington has quite extensive wireless coverage in the CBD. A local broadband access company, CityLink, which already provides a fibre-optic network also operates an 802.11b network called CafeNET. Turns out that today the whole of Lambton Quay has gone live as a ‘Hot Zone’.

  • Lord of the Rings - The Final Post

    I promise. Well, at least until I see the film itself. The weather held out for Wellington’s big day on Monday, and the sun beamed down on the thousands of people who turned out hoping for a glimpse of their favourite LotR actors. Most weren’t disappointed, as despite the crowds it was possible to see what was going on even if it proved more difficult to get any good photos.

  • Seasonally appropriate

    Logged into the Sony Vaio this morning and was greeted by the following seasonally appropriate fortune:

  • Lord of the Rings - Premiere Day

    The much expected day is here, and Wellington is well and truly gearing up for the fun. The parade is due to start in about half an hour and the crowds are already gathering along the rails marking the route, the sun is shining and there’s a carnival atmosphere throughout the city. Best costumes I’ve seen yet are the two Ents and the Elf Maid wandering up and down Lambton Quay.