The Winter Solstice

Once again we arrive at midwinter, so raise your glasses to the gradual lengthening of the days and the coming spring thaw as the cycle of the seasons swings around once again. But don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of winter while we’re here – the white on green of the frost on the hills, the crisp clear mornings… It’s not all rain and cloud and seasonal depression, there’s wonder here too.

Man that was cheesy.

The Solstice

At last, it’s going to start getting lighter again.

Not being a Christian, I tend to think that the fact it’s the solstice on the 21st sort of makes the holiday spirit a bit more appropriate. I suppose that if I wanted to follow this feeling through to it’s logical conculsion I’d want to do the gift giving today, but I just can’t bring myself to be *quite* that anal 🙂

I’m not a pagan either, but I think that seasonal turning points like this are worth observing, and I like the reminder of the cyclical nature of things. So pause for a moment and reflect upon the fact that we’re now at midwinter, and things can only get lighter and warmer.

Can I be on _Thought for the day_ now?