New theme and new headers

I quite like the new WordPress theme, so I’m going to use it. I was looking for a theme that supports the different post types and allowed for good customisation and of the free ones I found that I liked this was by far the best.

The header pictures are all cropped from my own photos taken over the past few years. I’m not a particularly great photographer, but I like the images and they reflect some of my current obsessions. Feel free to use them under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.


I’m messing with my blog. This is meant to be an “aside”, so lets see how this turns out…

A new decade

Happy New Year!

It goes to show just how much I update this site that 2009’s Happy New Year post is still showing on the front page as I type this 🙂

I don’t think I’ll bother publishing a list of resolutions this time around, suffice to say that it’s 30 days since I last smoked a cigarette, I never did start swimming regularly again but I do drink less, so that’s a qualified failure.  Still, 30 days and no smoking is pretty good so here’s to that being 395 days this time next year (although I haven’t smoked full-time for years and I’ve gone far longer without a cigarette before. Ach, come on – positive thinking!)

Changing the subject, I’ve recently got around to going back over the content here categorising and tagging posts and generally tidying up.  This blog has moved hosts, changed URL and been restored from backup more than once and is in a bit of a mess.  There’s a fair amount of linkrot that needs sorting and plenty of typos and markup errors that need correcting.  My aim is to get it all sorted out so at least what is here looks OK and doesn’t make me look like too much of an amateur 😉

Looking back now I will admit to wincing a little when reading some of the posts.  I suppose this is natural when you consider that the site’s been around for 7 years or so and over this period I’ve done a fair few things, grown older, changed.  Nevertheless I’m leaving it all here unless it’s actively misleading.

As for new content… well life’s pretty busy these days and doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging.  My employer obviously doesn’t pay me to maintain a personal blog and my family takes up much of the rest of my time.  I’m not complaining, just observing.  I’d like to think that writing is something I’ll take up more seriously in the future, but for the time being I don’t expect to post much here other than the occasional how-to piece.

Getting in touch

If you need or want to contact me, the best way is probably by email. Please note that unsolicited commercial email (spam) is not welcome; stuff like this ends up going directly to the bit bucket, so please don’t waste your time or my bandwidth.

In an effort to reduce the amount of spam I receive, I use javascript to generate the email address links in the list below. If your web browser doesn’t display these links, you’ll just have to type in the email address yourself, sorry.

Here it is: sam -at- sgp -dot- me -dot- uk.

I have a PGP key (download). Id: 40e74c48, fingerprint: 3fd9 91a2 f12b bfa2 ed31 2fa4 453c a714 40e7 4c48. If for some reason you’d rather not download it from this site, try a keyserver like

Apologies (sort of)

I’d just like to apologise briefly for lots of boring, faintly rant-like original-content-free political posts recently. I’ve got some new projects in the pipeline that might be a bit more interesting. Plus, I’m going to try and write something more intelligent about ID Cards soon, based upon a conversation I had last weekend with some old friends. But don’t hold your breath.

Two years old!

Hey, I just noticed that the earliest post still available here was posted two years ago today, so happy birthday to me! (There were a couple of earlier ones, but I had a spot of backup trouble with those…)

August Silence

Well, I’ve been silent for a bit more than just August, really. This is due to a combination of reasons, not least of which is laziness.

But I’m still around, and planning to take up blogging a bit more soon. Settling in to a new city, job and home provides plenty of material I could be writing about, but also takes up quite a lot of time and mental energy.

So, here’s a brief note to ensure that there’s at least one post this August 😉

Sociable Blogging

I met Nick Barlow today over lunchtime – I’d offered him a couple of books I had spare and he’d accepted. It was interesting to meet a fellow blogger however briefly – the first time I’ve ever actually met anyone in Real Life who I’ve become acquainted with via the net. He suggests that some kind of bloggers gathering might be a fun idea – sounds good to me. Just beware of any photobloggers lurking with their digital cameras should there be alcohol involved…