I work in tech, and have done for the past eighteen or so years. My main areas of expertise are Linux systems administration with a focus on running infrastructure for web services. Right now I’m Site Reliability Engineer for mySociety. This is a great job for a fantastic organisation.

…this site

I’ve maintained a personal website called “Random and Irrelevant” for quite a while, so named due to the largely irrelevant content and the random periodicity of the updates to it.

In the early noughties, the site used an elegant CGI based blogging framework written in Perl called Blosxom. It was migrated to Wordpress a few years later, then in early 2020 moved to Jekyll. For a low-traffic, infrequently updated site, Wordpress just felt like massive overkill, and I like writing in Markdown in a text editor. In some respects, this migration took the site back to its roots.

A lot of older content is gone. I make no apologies for this, it was often pretty dull and many of the links and references were obsolete or hopelessly dated. I’ve made some effort to ensure some links remain, and I may reinstate more content in time, or at least return 410 Gone for some of the old URLs as time permits.

The site is generated using Jekyll 4.0 and a fork of the Minima theme with some minor tweaks and adaptions.

Unless specifically stated, content on this site is copyright 2003-2020 Sam Pearson and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Code is licensed separately, appropriate licenses should be specified in the various repositories at GitHub, or in LICENSE.txt.