About Random and Irrelevant

My name is Sam Pearson and I live in Bristol in the UK where I work as a Senior Support Engineer for a large telecommunications company.

This is my personal website. I’ve been maintaining it for a number of years and it serves primarily as the core reference point for my online identity. I don’t add content here as much as I used to (a full-time professional job and two small children don’t leave me a lot of time) but I do add things now and again, so if you know me or are interested in anything I’ve written in the past you might want to subscribe to the feed.

I can be found on several social networks if you want to connect with me. If you know me personally check out Sam Pearson on Facebook or for professional connections check out Sam Pearson on LinkedIn – feel free to send me a friend request on either of these sites as you see fit. If you should want to, you can follow me on Twitter or check out my public photos at Flickr.