The week at work was productive. I had some good conversations with colleagues. Nik’s working with me for the next few weeks and I’m really hopeful that this will help unblock some project work that’s been languishing a bit and I had a really helpful discussion with Lizetta on managing projects and working more effectively. I’m feeling quite optimistic that I’ll be able to make some pretty good progress on a number of different fronts. There were a few minor annoyances, but nothing that wasn’t amenable to a fairly quick resolution and no major stresses.

Life more generally has been fairly quiet. No socialising this week but that’s fine after last week, so balance has been restored and social batteries charged a bit. I had most of Saturday to myself which is a rare event these days and was much needed. Some time to reflect and take stock.

Lately life has felt like a bit of an endless treadmill. Work and routine take up such a lot of time and energy there’s not a lot left in the tank at the weekends, so I’ve been feeling in a bit of an imaginative and creative slump. Probably partly the time of year too, although now the nights are drawing out slowly it’s improving a bit. I’d found that this had crept into my daily yoga, meditation and ritual practice so I’ve done a bit of a back to basics reset this past week. By Saturday this was starting to bear fruit. Onwards.

I’m still reading Hopeland, which took me a few chapters to get into but now I’m loving it. I don’t think I’ve ever read an Ian McDonald book I haven’t loved. We’ve been watching Slow Horses for the last few nights and really enjoying that too, but with only 18 episodes over 3 seasons, we’ve nearly through it.

Also it’s my birthday in the somewhat near future, so I applied for my Birthday Bus Pass which is a cool thing. I generally walk most places, but being able to get the bus for free for a few weeks is cool.


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