I wrote most of this post on a busy train heading home from nearly a week in Leeds on Sunday, but then didn’t get around to posting it until this morning. I’ve left the date as it was. Most of this post is some brief notes on the Leeds trip, followed by some metablogging and some links.

I’d been in Leeds since Tuesday and was glad to get home despite for the most part having had a constructive and fun trip. I don’t think I’ve been away for this long on my own since… well I really can’t remember. Years.

This trip was a multi-purpose one. The initial reason for it was one of our quarterly all-hands meetings, and Wednesday and Thursday were spent doing that. It’s always good to see my colleagues in person although there’s no absolute requirement to attend - it’s almost always impossible to find a time that’s convenient for all of us. There were perhaps a few more remote attendees this time round, partly due to personal circumstances and partly the train strikes over the week, but there was still a good in-person turn out.

We do a mix of status updates, planning sessions, general chatting and social stuff. Couple of meals out in the town - one at Bundobust and another at House of Fu, which were good fun. Some people did karaoke and an escape room but I ducked out of that.

We rented a couple of rooms at Horizon Leeds and the AV setup for the room that integrated the remote attendees was probably the best we’ve had I think? Being present I can’t say what it was like for the remote folks but they were clear in the room and it felt like they were a bit more involved than it has at times in the past.

Most people dispersed on Thursday afternoon but I stayed on and got an early night before working the next day out of the Wizu co-working space at the Leeming Building, where I was made to feel very welcome and managed to get quite a bit done before knocking off early to meet up with some old friends, one of whom lives in Leeds and the other in Sheffield.

We had a few beers on Friday night and caught a live performance by a guy called Model Man at Headrow House. I felt like the oldest person there by about twenty years but it was quite fun even feeling slightly more like an observer than a participant.

Saturday we went to the A Hip Hop Journey: 50 Years of Kulture exhibition at the Leeds Museum about the history of hip hop in the city. This was pretty cool and had lots of interesting bits and pieces. Reminded me a bit of the Vanguard Street Art exhibition in Bristol a while back, it’s nice to see a super local history of how a wider scene manifested in a particular place.

Saturday afternoon we went for a walk in thw woods around Meanwood with a refreshement break at the Myrtle Tavern before a relatively early night after a meal. A change of scene is good and being able to make the most of this trip to do both work and personal stuff felt like a win.

Metablogging, apologies

I’ve been wondering about the purpose of these Weeknotes and writing this one brought it back to mind. I read lots of other people’s writing and start to feel a bit inadequate as it always feels better written, researched and interesting that my own, but then most of the people I read regularly have been writing for years and often make a living in some form of word based profession (or try to in the face of this becoming far harder nowadays). Self doubt creeps in.

So I remind myself that I started doing this again as a way of forming a habit of writing. That was my goal. It doesn’t matter if I write vague journal-like post (like this one) or some incisive commentary on something important. The aim here is to write something in public on a regular basis to train the muscle. Maybe the content will change over time. Maybe not. We’ll see.