It’s been a good week on the whole. The days are slowly getting longer and it’s starting to be a bit more noticeable - they sky is light now on the way to and from the co-working space I go to most days.

I’ve nearly finished the Spiral Tribe book, progress was slightly derailed when this month’s Fortean Times arrived mid-week followed by the Mycelium Parish News 2023, which has some great stuff in it and a connection back to the Spirals via the number 23, the KLF and Discordianism. Hail Eris!

Caught up on Invasion after picking up a free month of Apple TV and looking forward to making a start on the new season of Foundation before the month runs out. We watched The Kitchen last night, which was fine and had some themes in common with the Spiral Tribe book around community in the face of the oppressive power of capital and the establishment.

At work I made a start on some if our work to improve the resilience and capacity of our web services infrastructure, fixed a few bugs and got a couple of longstanding things moved along a bit. Completed the annual reviews I’m involved with and did some planning for next week’s face to face team meeting. We’re completely remote working at mySociety but every quarter or so we meet up somewhere for two or three days together. It’s always good fun and I find it energising and a morale boost.

I even managed to get some home improvements done and the house has a nice new number by the door after some fun and games with a masonry drill, but I’ve managed to make the mild lower back pain I was suffering from flare up and now I’m hobbling around like an old man.


Not had a huge amount of time this week and my feed reader currently has a rather large unread article count. Some things that sootd out for one reason or another: Ian Betteridge on The information grey goo, Doc Searls on how Privacy is Social, Hadean Press announced the posthumous publication of Jake Stratton-Kent’s Cyprian’s Offices of Spirits (actually last week, but hey) and a Long Read in the Graun in Nicholas Saunders and his impact on food in the UK.