Three weeks into 2024 already! This week has been another mixed bag, but the trajectory has been a positive one overall. The weather has improved - I love the cold, clear days of winter and we’ve had quite a few this week.

I took Friday off work and went up to the Mendips for a walk with my daughter, both of us keen to take advantage of the good weather to get out of the city and into nature for a bit. It was cold but lovely and walking under the sun soon warmed us up. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the Sun recently and now I feel in need of some splendour.

A walk in the Mendips

I heard at the end of last week that an old friend of my mum’s died. She had been badly affected by a stroke a year or so ago but it was still a bit of a shock, even though I didn’t know her myself. Dad had been visiting her. Another thread to the past frayed away.


This week was a bit of a mixed bag. I didn’t sleep well on Sunday night and as a result Monday was a bit of a slog. I had my annual review meeting towards the end of the day which was fine but I wasn’t in the right state of mind to really make the most of it. Fortunately things have settled down since we added some resources and rebalanced things following the unexpected challenges over the first two weeks, so I was able to deal with a few other tasks that had been delayed and start on a more thorough plan for the next few months, despite some unhappy developments around some of our charitable project funding towards the end of the week.


It was the first proper session of the new D&D game at my co-working space on Wednesday. The session went well if a bit slowly but then most of us are new to 5e so we’ve learning the rules as we go. The goal is to play every other week, sadly I can’t make the next session due to work commitments which is a bit of a bummer. Maybe later in the year I’ll look at trying to get another RuneQuest game up and running.

Finished watching Fargo season 5 this week, which was great. Also finished watching The Tourist season 2, which was fine I suppose. It had some nice moments but wasn’t as good as the first season. Maybe it just didn’t quite stand up to Fargo; all the reviews I’ve seen have been pretty positive. Also watched The French Dispatch, which we enjoyed, and Snatch which we hadn’t seen since it came out and, frankly, will almost certainly never watch again.

Started reading A Darker Electricity - the origins of the Spiral Tribe sound system. I picked up a copy when we went to see Aaron Trinder’s film Free Party: A Folk History at Lost Horizon at the end of last year. The film was good, lots of footage from the early 90s rave/festival scene and plenty of nostalgia if you’re old enough to remember any of that shenanigans. The book is a first hand account from Mark Angelo Harrison, one of the people behind Spiral Tribe. He very kindly signed my copy for me too.