This is a Jekyll based static site - all content pregenerated, no database or any moving parts except the web server itself. Some time ago I added comments using staticman, whereby comments end up as pull requests against the GitHub repository hosting the site’s source. At the time staticman recommended using Heroku to run the necessary code to process the comment and submit the PR. For a quiet site like mine, the free tier basically meant this was, well, free.

Heroku have stopped offering a free tier. I’ve switched over to instead, which should be free for the low level (i.e. none) of comments I get here. The process was simple enough. I signed up for then used their Heroku importer. Once done (this took a couple of minutes) all I needed to do was change the staticman_url configuration parameter to the new Fly app and that was it, all sorted. There’s an issue in the staticman repo discussing this.

So anyway, if anyone wanders past and feels like commenting, it still works.