It’s nearly the end of January and not only did I fail to blog every week I had a drink at the 50th birthday meal I mentioned in my last post. I also had a drink this weekend. I am not going to look at this as a failure. I did three weeks, then five days and next week I’ll be mostly dry too. By the end of the first week in February that will be close to five weeks in total, a significant reset from where I was at the end of 2021.

It has been a difficult month so I’m not going to be hard on myself for not sticking 100% to Dry January, especially as I’ve stuck to the spirit of the exercise. I felt pretty good for the first couple of weeks, but my mood took a significant downturn over the last half of the month. This partly explains the lack of a post last week - I was low and just couldn’t bring myself to write. I feel a bit better today - the sun is out, which helps - and want to at least keep the other committment I made to myself - to post here over this month.

As well as general periods of low mood I often get a dose of seasonal depression and find this time of year hard. There’s a lot on at work which can be stressful despite being fortunate to work for a very supportive organisation and a great bunch of people. The reduction in being out and about again due to Omicron has had an impact on me; I really don’t like being at home all the time. I’ve been a remote worker for years - since well before the pandemic - but I’ve always used a co-working space about a thirty minute walk from my home at least three or four days a week. Before the pandemic I didn’t realise how important the separation between work and home, the human contact and the the exercise of the journey were to my mental health. I’m trying to find a new pattern that works now, but much has changed and it’s going to take a while.