After years of neglect I’ve spent a bit of time reviewing and updating this site. I first put up a page in around 2001, served from my home directory on a server run by my then-ISP. I added the personal domain in 2004 and moved to Mythic Beasts in 2008 (with whom I have been happily hosting ever since and highly recommend). The last post to appear prior to this was in 2012. The site was initially based on Blosxom but now runs WordPress.

I always liked the idea of blogging, but rarely seemed to be able to find the time to write anything particularly substantive. This was compounded at first by my own lack of confidence and then, later, the demands of family and professional life.

Most longer posts were personal but the bulk tended to be very brief links with a line of two of comment - exactly the space that social media came to occupy. Despite maintaining accounts on most of the larger social networks I’ve never been a particularly enthusiastic user of those, either, but the steady drop in activity here runs alongside the growth in their use and the decline in blogging more widely.

Much of the old content had the unpleasant effect of making me wince so I’ve archived the bulk of it. I’m tidying up a few entries and re-posting them as and when ready. I did worry a bit about link rot but I don’t think this will be a big problem for a low-traffic personal site like this but if you end up here having followed a dead link let me know - there are various ways of reaching me listed on the front page - and I’ll restore the missing page.