Happy New Year

Here’s the obligatory happy new year post! I would have written it yesterday but I was at work doing my bit of the holiday cover. I’m afraid to say that my resolutions this year are fairly unoriginal:

  • be more healthy, in particular:
    • stop smoking completely once and for all
    • no alcohol on weekday evenings (one just too easily leads to another 😉
    • start swimming regularly again
  • Spend some time early in the year thinking about just what direction I want to take from here in life – career, home… we’ve often talked of living abroad while the kids are still young… maybe it’s time to start planning ahead a bit more.
  • Become more financially literate. I really need to be more clued on on stuff like mortgages, pensions and general investments, especially given the current economic climate.

And right now that’s about it. Anyway, happy new year to anyone reading this.