Weblog reboot

It’s remotely possible that last night someone might have dropped by this site to be greeted by an HTTP 500 or pulled a feed with some rather old content, as I finally got around to re-posting the content from between November 2002 and March 2005. I’d hoped to recategorise everything into the simpler structure I created following the domain move and rebuild, but that’s just not going to happen so I have dumped the entire structure of the old site under weblog/original. There’s an archive page; I intend to merge this with the current site’s archive, so bear that in mind. I might also whip up a sitemap type page where you can browse by topic/directory.

It wasn’t too difficult a task, but it did involve a but of fiddling and some quick fixes once the content and metadata files were in place as I overlooked the fact that I switched file extensions when redesigning the site and this initially caused me a bit of headscratching. Thanks to sed, find, xargs and rename I soon got this sorted out. If you ever need to change multiple file extensions in a directory hierarchy on a linux box (in this case .txt to .blx) try this for size:

find ./path/ -iregex ".+\.txt$" -print0 | xargs -0 rename "s/\.txt$/\.blx/"

or maybe:

find ./path/ -iregex ".+\.txt$" -exec rename "s/\.txt$/\.blx/" '{}' \;

But you’ll find the first command works faster, particularly if you do a test run with the -n switch on rename.

Unfortunately a lot of the markup in the older posts is HTML rather than XHTML, so you might get XML parser errors on same pages if you’re using a browser that can handle application/xhtml (Firefox, Opera). I’m slowly working my way through the site trying to fix these problems but it might take me a while, so please bear with me – a lot of the older posts were handcoded using a variety of text editors on various platforms and often in a hurry and markup wasn’t always my primary consideration. Also, I’ve yet to get the final batch of redirects from the old URL sorted so there might be the odd dead link or missing image, but that should be sorted faster than the parser errors.