Sustainable Blogging

I’ve been itching to start blogging again for months and I’m glad that I have even if I have no readers right now. Previously I ground to a halt not only because I had far less time to do it, but because I had slowly started making posting into a big deal and would spend hours tweaking drafts and then not posting stuff because it had come to seem trivial. I never had a massive readership and that’s never really bothered me – I wouldn’t keep coming back to it if it did – so it always frustrated me that I let this happen.

Then I read something today which solidified my feelings on this, funnily enough on the blog of a chap who had also recently taken up blogging again after a hiatus. His name’s Russell Beattie, he’s got a lot of interesting stuff to say and his last blog was quite widely read in some parts of the tech blogosphere, but on blogging he had this to say earlier this month:

One of the pieces of advice that I give to new bloggers regularly is post, post, post. Get a routine and stick with it, because if you don’t, you’ll start to build up what a blog is in your mind, and eventually you’ll just stop posting because it seems like this massive hurdle to overcome. My advice is always the same, post when you think about posting, and if you’ve got nothing to say, just say that just to keep in the rhythm. Most people don’t bother listening to me, but that’s okay, it works for me.

I read that and it clicked. He’s right, and this is what happened to me, hence this evening’s two posts. Both stuff I’d been turning over in my mind and thinking of writing about while also wondering whether it was worth it. Of course it’s worth it – I enjoyed banging these posts out and it’s left me feeling satisfied; so thanks, Russ, for helping crystalise my own thoughts on the matter and giving me a prod in the right direction. Maybe I’ll even take your advice and keep it up over the coming days and weeks.

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