Flock Developer Preview

After a chap called Lloyd Budd showed up on the blosxom list a while back asking about APIs and other such stuff, I wandered over to his company’s website at www.flock.com and put myself on their mailing list. Yesterday I got a mail inviting me to check out a preview release of their browser, based on Firefox, but which is closely integrated with the major blogging APIs and with other related systems like del.icio.us.

Since I offer no API support here, I’ve had to set up a blogger blog to play around with it: Sam’s Blogger Blog (my creativity failed me, OK?). I’ve already got a del.icio.us account, and so far I like that way the it’s closely integrated with the browser: better than foxylicious which I use on and off in Firefox.

Anyway, no time for a long analysis here: I’ve got chores to do at home and now that Uma is asleep I’d better take the chance while it’s still available.

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