At the St Werburghs Community Centre, we use Blosxom to power our website. As the other staff needed to be able to update and add content quickly and with the minimum of fuss, I combined the wikieditish plugin with TinyMCE and a couple of other scripts to create a simple rich-text web interface to the site.

During testing and the initial setup period, it became apparent that having the ability to roll an entry back to its original state after a dodgy edit would be a useful feature, so I added a few lines of code to wikieditish that supports a very simple kind of version control: every time a change is made, the plugin saves a copy of the current state of the post into a backup file. This file is over-written each time so you can only revert to the last saved version, but this allowed staff some scope for experimentation with the knowledge that they could undo any serious mistakes quickly.

I thought that I’d make this version of the plugin available here in case any other blosxom users might find it useful, so download wikieditishvc, which contains the plugin and some basic flavour templates. I have not renamed the plugin itself, it is still simply named wikieditish, but I’ve added a bit of extra documentation and updated the version number to differentiate it. The version control behaviour is all optional and is off by default.