Chris’s British Road Directory

I stumbled across Chris’s British Road Directory
today while surfing around looking for sites monitoring real-time traffic flow in the UK and I just had to blog it. From the site itself:

CBRD (Chris’s British Road Directory) is a sort of fan site dedicated to the entire road network of mainland Britain. It contains information on most aspects of the network and is frequented by enthusiasts and everyday road users alike.


CBRD is not a pro-roads protest or campaign site, rather a reference site (with some bits of entertainment thrown in) which aims to provide up-to-date and useful information on the road network of Great Britain.

If you’re interested in the UK Road system (and I feel I should point out that as a rule I’m not) then this is the place for you! There’s vast amounts of information here, ranging from fequently asked questions, a detailed database of Motorways, listings of current road building projects, critiques of poorly-designed junctions, even road-related fonts – and I could go on and on. A fantastic example of what a hobbyist can produce and a great resource for anyone interested in, well, British roads. Hmm.

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