Hide plugin and date-based URLs

The hide plugin allows you to conceal certain posts and/or categories from the standard blosxom index pages – this works for either path or date based URLs. A side effect of this is that if you are using date-based links like me – http://example.com/YYYY/MM/DD/filename – then the posts won’t show up when you visit their permalinks – they’ll only display when referenced with a URL like http://example.com/path/to/filename.flavour.

A solution is to add quick test to the start subroutine in the hide plugin that checks to see whether blosxom knows about any date-based path information:

sub start {
  $blosxom::path_info_yr and return 0;

As I don’t want posts in about/ to display in the monthly archives, I used the $path_info_da variable, but you could just as easily use $path_info_yr or $path_info_mo instead to allow the posts to display on less specific date-based index pages.