Out of the box, blosxom comes with simple HTML and RSS formats built in. In order to get the RSS 0.91 feed set-up correctly, blosxom escapes HTML tags during the story generation phase where is finds an XML content-type (specifically: $content_type =~ m{\Wxml$}).

This feature is fine until you start experimenting with your RSS feeds when it can become a bug. For example, if you decide to provide the full text for each story in a feed enclosed in a CDATA section, you don’t want this escaping to take place. So I recommend that you move the escaping section from blosxom itself and place it into a plugin where you can then call it if you need it.

The escaping code is lines 378-384 in the standard blosxom 2.0 script. Just for fun I’ve made a patch, but it’s probably simpler to just open a text editor and do it by hand. Here’s a simple plugin that allows you to control whether or not the code is called during the story generation phase.