Banksoniain 4

Issue 4 of this new(ish) Iain (M.) Banks fanzine is available for download (PDF, 218kb). (Thanks for the heads-up, Dave.) Older issues are available from the homepage. Lots and lots of Banksie trivia, plus discussion of Consider Phlebas, notes on the publicity tour for The Algebraist (which I missed out on due to a conspicuous lack of dates in the south-west), and news of the DVD release of The Crow Road which I’d like to see.

(Posting this, I look through my sf posts and realise I don’t write enough on this topic. My degree thesis centred on SF, so I must be able to come up with something interesting to say on the subject. BTW, I’m not going to publish the dissertation here. The word “postmodernism” is used far too often for comfort.)