It’s been a bad week for art lovers in Scandinavia. Last week, a gang of “Militant Graffiti Artists” in Sweden stole a fibreglass cow from the international CowParade exhibition and threatened to sacrifice it unless the cows were declared “non-art”. According to Reuters (link removed, long dead), the organisers of the Stockholm exhibition have until noon today to meet their demands… Sadly, it seems they didn’t capitulate.

And over the weekend news broke across the world that one of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s famous Scream painting was stolen in a daring raid from the Munch Museum in Norway. Experts wonder at the idiocy of the thieves, who will have real problems getting rid of such a recognisable piece of art, as well as expressing concern over the fragile state of the painting and the likely damage caused during the rather amauteurish (albeit highly successful) theft.