Webserver Nightmare

Due to a power outage causing all sorts of nasty evilness to my host‘s webservers, there are a few minor problems with this site at the moment.

It’s been restored from backup, but at the time of writing it’s not completely back to normal – some files seem to have been restored from different times, hence the slightly screwed templates.

I’ll get round to fixing the rest at some point soon. A big thanks to the techies at UKLinux for working to get all this sorted out, and for replying very promptly to emails, in what sound like fairly hairy circumstances.

Update: 1st August, 2004

After a few days out, everything’s back to normal. Plus, I’ve moved the URL, but there’s a redirection script in place to keep the miniscule traffic the site receives flowing to the right place. I’m still planning on a bit more maintenance, but this shouldn’t involve taking the site down.

I might even start to post again soon.