is a new website which aims to provide an easy, user-friendly way for British citizens to keep track of what their elected representatives are up to. It’s been put together by the same people who brought us websites like, which I’ve found useful myself in the past. Here’s what they have to say about the new project:

We are a dozen or so volunteers who think it should be really easy for people to keep tabs on their elected MP, and comment on what goes on in Parliament. We’ve done this sort of thing before, but never on this scale.

For all its faults and foibles, our democracy is a profound gift from previous generations. Yet most people don’t know the name of their MP, nor their constituency, let alone what their MP does or says in their name.

We aim to help bridge this growing democratic disconnect, in the belief that there is little wrong with Parliament that a healthy mixture of transparency and public engagement won’t fix.

Hence this website.

I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the site myself, but you can quickly identify your MP and call up information on things like their voting record, their registered interests, the speeches they’ve made - the list just goes on, and since the site is still in beta, we can no doubt expect refinements and improvements over the coming weeks and months.

This is the sort of tool you would expect from a government with accountability and openness high on its priority list. Funnily enough, this one was produced by a team of volunteers and some funding from a charity called the UK Citizens Online Democracy.

Total respect to these people - what a brilliant idea.