This is a trivial plugin I wrote to scratch a bit of an itch. It had always slightly annoyed me that while blosxom itself was designed to use the filesystem hierarchy as its structure and allowed you to view pages based on their position in the hierarchy, there was no simple method to include alternate <link>s to syndication feeds or alternative flavours that mirrored a visitor’s position. Hence altlinks.

Currently, the plugin works for path-based views right the way down to individual story pages, but date-based paths are ignored completely - the href attribute will be formed from whatever path information is available in the requesed URL. That is, if you request, the alternate will have an href attribute pointing to I originally thought this wouldn’t matter, but I suppose for the sake of completeness I should I add this at some time. When I get around to it, I will post an updated version here.

I wasn’t going to post this code at all, particularly since it’s not quite finished, but then I thought it might be useful to someone somewhere sometime, so here it is. The plugin provides three variables for use in templates, allows the user to specify which flavours these variables point to, and contains full documentation.