We might not have done any surfing at Raglan, but we did do some other stuff, including our first real trip into the New Zealand bush – a jaunt out to the Bridal Veil Falls. The falls plunge around fifty meters down a sheer cliff in an area of quite dense forest.

Bridal Veil

The treeferns are really quite otherworldly when you get up close. From a distance the NZ forest sometimes resembles our woods at home, but this illusion is quickly dispelled when you get amoung the trees.

Ferns and River

Thanks to fellow brits Chris and Beth for the lift out to the falls. We’re really beginning to think that a car might become necessary to get the most out of the more remote areas.

We got to see a bit more of the Raglan area in the company of April and Alex, too, including a rather hair raising drive around the base of Mount Kairoi on an unsealed road. It was worth it for the views, though.


Thanks again to everyone who took us out and about!