Puma(s) loose in Ulster (2)

Following up on my earlier post, my friend Gavin (who happens to hail from the part of the world in question) provided some remarks in the comments and pointed me towards coverage in the Belfast Telegraph:

Despite air searches by the RAF spotter planes and police marksmen attempting to track the beast through forests in rural north Antrim, the wild cat has so far evaded capture.

Moulds taken from prints left by the animal in a field outside Portrush were examined by experts at Belfast Zoo, who have confirmed that there is a wild cat running wild on the north coast.

There have now been more that 20 positive sightings of the dark brown big cat, which has been described as a cougar, a puma, a panther or a mountain lion.

So it appears that there really is an ABC prowling around up there. Not only that, but it seems there’s some concern that the animal in question could turn on a human with little compunction, and there has been no luck in catching the beast thus far. So watch out if you’re planning on taking a walk through any lonely stretch of north Antrim over the next few weeks 🙂