The computer virus

This perennial favourite has been back in the news lately with last weekend’s M$ SQL worm which apparently nearly brought the net to it’s knees. Can’t say that I noticed, and I spent a lot of time online over the weekend.

On a related note, the BBC website ran this article on the possibility that as mobile telephone technology advances those pesky viruses will start infesting our handsets. This inspired me to do a little surfing, and although it seems that warnings of this sort of thing on the past have been largely groundless (discussion here and here, via a post at epicycle) , it now appears to be a lot more feasible.

This bout of surfing also brought to my attention, who have this to say about themselves:

Vmyths fights computer security hysteria with a comprehensive A-Z list of popular virus hoaxes. We also tackle persistent virus myths. And we dispel misconceptions about real viruses…

Brilliant. I’m sure that if you’re like me you regularly receive email from people warning you against one or other hysterical virus-related panic and possibly even advising you to delete files like jdbgmgr.exe or sulfnbk.exe. Here’s a potential resource for dealing with that, independent from the anti-virus software vendors who have allegedly behaved questionably in the past. certainly qualify for a spot on my links list, anyway.