My name is Sam Pearson and this is my personal website. I’ve currently work at mySociety as Site Reliability Engineer.

Below are the most recent posts, older things can be found in the blog, there’s a vague taxonomy of posts on the tags page and a bit more about me and this site at the about page.

Recent Posts

  • Weeknotes, February 18th 2024

    The work week started with some rather aggravating problems that ended up dominating Monday but fortunately were all resolved before the end of the day. The rest of the week felt reasonably productive putting a few ideas into practice and catching up after a slightly rocky start to January.

  • Weeknotes, February 11th 2024

    The week at work was productive. I had some good conversations with colleagues. Nik’s working with me for the next few weeks and I’m really hopeful that this will help unblock some project work that’s been languishing a bit and I had a really helpful discussion with Lizetta on managing projects and working more effectively. I’m feeling quite optimistic that I’ll be able to make some pretty good progress on a number of different fronts. There were a few minor annoyances, but nothing that wasn’t amenable to a fairly quick resolution and no major stresses.

  • Weeknotes, February 4th 2024

    I wrote most of this post on a busy train heading home from nearly a week in Leeds on Sunday, but then didn’t get around to posting it until this morning. I’ve left the date as it was. Most of this post is some brief notes on the Leeds trip, followed by some metablogging and some links.

  • Weeknotes, January 28th 2024

    It’s been a good week on the whole. The days are slowly getting longer and it’s starting to be a bit more noticeable - they sky is light now on the way to and from the co-working space I go to most days.

  • Weeknotes, January 21st 2024

    Three weeks into 2024 already! This week has been another mixed bag, but the trajectory has been a positive one overall. The weather has improved - I love the cold, clear days of winter and we’ve had quite a few this week.