My name is Sam Pearson and this is my personal website. I’ve currently work at mySociety as Site Reliability Engineer.

Below are the most recent posts, older things can be found in the blog, there’s a vague taxonomy of posts on the tags page and a bit more about me and this site at the about page.

Recent Posts

  • Distantly Socialised

    I walk into the city alone. It feels strange. It’s still pretty quiet, but there are more people around than there were a few weeks ago. Loudspeakers boom out recorded warnings to maintain social distancing. Here and there tape and paint mark the pavements at two-metre intervals. Confusing one-way systems are inconsistently enforced by masked security guards.

  • Fall, or Dodge in Hell

    This is a sequel of sorts to REAMDE and ties both books into the shared world of Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle. I thought it handled this pretty well, particularly in the handling of a mysterious recurring character, but I’m aware opinions on this may be divided.

  • Visiting Glorantha

    One good thing to come out of the lockdown - I’ve started up an RPG game for the first time in years. A year or two back there was a new edition of RuneQuest, probably my favourite game, and I’ve been picking up the books as they’ve emerged. I made a vague effort to find some players last autumn to no avail, but now have three people willing to gamble on my extremely rusty GMing skills.

  • Comments

    I’ve added the ability to comment on the site using staticman.

  • Resetting the TPM module on an Acer Chromebook

    A short while ago, we bought each of our daughters an Acer Chromebook C514 so that they could do their schoolwork remotely during the lockdown. These were reasonably priced and had good reviews from what I could see. They’ve been working fine for the last month or two since we received them.